Transportation Department

Welcome to the NLSD's Transportation Department!

We safely and expertly transport children of all ages to and from Public and Private schools throughout our district. Our drivers enjoy providing superior service to our students and staff.

Our office is contracted though Kobussen Buses LTD, and is located at 906 West Wolf River Avenue.

Transportation Supervisor

Office Assistant - Laurie Fischer

Mechanical Technician - Joshua Fischer

For your convenience, we have provided forms on the right for you to complete and return to us, if needed.


Additional information for school families: 


Student Conduct on School Bus - School Board Policy 443.2

Student Transportation Services - School Board Policy 751

Transporation of Nonpublic School Students - School Board Policy 751.12

Transportation in Unusually Hazardous Areas - School Board Policy 751.23

Elementary Boundary Map

Close up of in-town boundaries

Walking Area for Parkview and Lincoln Elementary map

Walking Area for Intermediate/Middle School map