The School District of New London

The School District of New London is located in East Central Wisconsin on the border of Waupaca and Outagamie counties.  It covers 144 square miles in three counties with an approximate population of 18,000 and a tax base of just over one billion dollars.

The School District of New London serves approximately 2500 students. It is comprised of a white (90%), Hispanic (7%) and other (3%) student population.  Bilingual programs are offered at Lincoln Elementary School, Parkview Elementary School, Intermediate/Middle School, and the High School.

Thirty-three percent of our district's students qualify for free and reduced lunch and about 15% qualify for special education services.  Poverty rates at individual schools include:  Lincoln Elementary School = 48%, Parkview Elementary School = 38%, Readfield Elementary School = 19%, Sugar Bush Elementary School = 41%, Intermediate/Middle School = 39%, High School = 32%.

Highly Qualified Employees
The district employs over 325 full and part time individuals and is the third largest employer in the City of New London.

As Associated Press analysis of data collected for the U.S. Department of Education shows out of the 39 states reporting, Wisconsin was tops in the nation for having the most highly qualified public school teachers.  According to the report, highly qualified teachers teach 100% of Wisconsin's public school classes.  "Highly Qualified" means that in core curricular areas, the teacher meets all of the requirements of state licensing and preparation laws.  The School District of New London mirrors the state average of highly qualified educators. Contact Dr. Kathleen Gwidt, District Administrator, with any questions or additional information on teacher qualifications.

The School District of New London has a budget of $26,350,932 of which 66% is salary and benefits. A tax rate of $10.31 per $1,000 of property value amounts to approximately $1,555 on a property valued at $150,000.

 To date, the School District of New London has invested over five million dollars in computer infrastructure, hardware, software, and training. We have over seven miles of fiber optic cable connecting our buildings within the city of New London and wireless radio transmission connections to both Readfield and Sugar Bush schools. All buildings operate off the same district wide computer system of file servers, communication tools, and both instructional and administrative software packages.

Our Mission: Success for ALL Students
We will be accountable and work together to...

  • Provide a safe, secure, nurturing environment
  • Establish and maintain school, family, community partnerships
  • Foster students' developmental assets
  • Ensure that students master the essential curriculum
  • Recruit, develop and retain a highly qualified staff
  • Model what is expected
  • Value diversity
  • Meet the needs of the future

Achieving the mission of the School District of New London is a responsibility shared by students, families, employees of the district and community.