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Success for All Students




PLEASE NOTE:  The numbering system used by the School District of New London to organize district policy topics is consistent with the numbering system used by WASB. To assist in understanding what the sections pertain to, titles may be used but there may be no policy developed at this time.

410     Student Policies Goals (NO POLICY)
          411   Equal Educational Opportunities/Complaint Procedures
                  Exhibit 1, Formal Written Complaint Form
                  411.1     Student Harassment
                  411.3     Ensuring the Educational Stability of Children in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care)
          412   School Census
                  412.1     Full-Time Students

420     Admission Requirements
          421     Early Admission Requirements
          422     Admission of Nonresident Students (Other than Open Enrollment Students) (NO POLICY)
                  422.1     Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
                  422.2     Home-Based Private Education – Entry/Re-Entry Into School (Full Time)
          423   Open Enrollment (Full Time)
          424     Participation of Private School and Home-Based Students in District Courses/Programs (Part Time)
          426     Homeless Education

430    Attendance (NO POLICY)
          431     Attendance
          433     Assignment of Students to School (NO POLICY)
                    433.1    Elementary Intradistrict Transfer Request
                    433.2    Assignment/Placement of Students
          434     Released Time for Students
                    434.1    Released Time for Religious Instruction – Students
          435     Withdrawal from School
          436     Dismissal During School Hours – Student

440     Student Rights and Responsibilities
          443     Code of Student Conduct
                     443.1    Student Dress
                     443.2    Student Conduct on School Bus
                     443.3    Tobacco Use on School Premises (see 831)
                     443.4     Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use
                                   443.41     Breath-Testing Students for the Presence of Alcohol
                                   443.71     Bullying
                     443.8     Gang Activity – Prohibited
          444     Married Students and School Age Parents
          445     Interrogations – Student
                     445.1     Student Interviews by Police
          446     Searches – Student
                    446.1     Searches – Student Locker/Desk
                    446.2     Searches by Trained Canines
          447     Student Behavior and Discipline
                    447.1     Corporal Punishment
                    447.2     Student Detentions
                    447.3     Student Suspension
                    447.4     Student Expulsion
          449     Due Process Hearing Requests Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

450     Student Health and Welfare (NO POLICY)
          452     Student Aid Programs
          453     Student Health Services (NO POLICY)
                     453.1     Emergency Nursing Services
                     453.2     Immunization Requirements
                     453.3     Communicable Disease
                     453.4     Medication – Administering to Students
                     453.5     Physical Examinations – Students
                     453.6     Emergency Information
                     453.7     Cooperative Working Relationships with Non-School Agency Nursing Personnel
          454     Child Neglect and/or Abuse
          455     Student Safety (NO POLICY)
                    455.1     Supervision of Students
                    455.2     Motorized Vehicle/Bicycle Use by Students
          457     Sudden Death Plan
          458     Wellness

460     Student Scholarships
          461     Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Selection
          462     Wisconsin Technical Education Excellence Scholarship

470    Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (see 656)

480    Student Employment (NO POLICY)

490    Miscellaneous Student Policies (NO POLICY)
          491     Parent/Legal Custodian Rights and Responsibilities