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Community Connections

The community connections group recently met and determined that all of the organizations (government, churches, business/industry, & schools) have a common interest in promoting our community. A sub committee with members from each entity was formed to begin to define protocols that may be replicable to potentially be implemented across organizations for the betterment of the whole.


Manufacturing Tours

Students recently toured Fox Valley Technical College with a focus on manufacturing, welding, machining, electro-mechanical, and automation. In addition, tours were set up with companies like: Miller Electric, A to Z Machine, PSI, Waupaca Foundry, and New London Engineering to name a few. Students were able to see first hand the work environments and hear from industry leaders about the demand for work that exists in these areas. Many opportunities were afforded students on these visits. We continue to work to provide dual credit and work experiences for students.


Professional Development

Our staff members have been involved in many opportunities for ongoing training, including but not limited to:  Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference 2018 for training in both math and computer science, Wisconsin Pyramid Training for Early Childhood education, Systematic Approach to Building Academic Vocabulary from Cesa 6, Wisconsin Association for School Nurses annual conference, Focus on the Readers and Writers Workshop with the Work of Serravallo. We will finish up the year with a few more sessions with small groups of instructors in specific content areas that need vertical collaboration and with the opportunity to visit Fox Valley Technical College.