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Child Development Days

The final child development day screening is scheduled for Friday, January 26, 2018 in the Early Childhood Center at New London High School. This developmental screening is designed for children 2½ to 4 years old. The screening process allows children to separate from their parents to participate in a play-based screening to observe speech/language, cognition, gross and fine motor, and self-help skills. Parents interested in setting up an appointment for Child Development Days are invited to contact Linda Kruzicki, Pupil Services Secretary, at (920) 982-8447.


Course Pathways

After years of effort in adding dual courses, the District is excited to offer a clear pathway in Welding. This pathway allows students to complete a 5-credit FVTC certificate that is also recognized by the Department of Workforce Development. The Welding pathway consists of the following courses:

Drafting 1- FVTC Weld Print Reading (1 Credit)

Intro to Metalworking- FVTC Welding and Fab Intro and Safety (1 Credit)

Welding Tech- FVTC Welding Symbols (1 Credit) GMAW Techniques (2 Credits)


National Board Certification

Congratulations to Melissa Anderson who recently completed her National Board Certification. This Certification is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that sets national standards for accomplished teachers, requiring attainment and refinement of skills beyond the state licensure. Great job, Melissa!