Welcome!  The School District of New London serves approximately 2400 students with four elementary schools, one intermediate/middle school and one high school.  The district offers four-year-old kindergarten as well.  If you know which school(s) your child/children will attend, please contact the school office at that building to make arrangements for enrolling him/her. By clicking the name of the school below, you may view a map and directions to the building.  The phone numbers and principals’ names are as follows:


 Lincoln Elementary School – 920 982-8540 – Mr. Kirk Delwiche

 Parkview Elementary School – 920 982-8538 – Mr. Joe Green

 Readfield Elementary School – 920 667-4265 – Mrs. Kristin Grable

 Sugar Bush Elementary School – 715 752-4135 – Mrs. Kristin Grable

 New London Intermediate/Middle School – 920 982-8532 - Mr. Pete Schulz

 New London High School – 920 982-8420 - Mrs. Danielle Sievert


If you do not know which school your child/children will attend, please contact Julie Haase at 920 982-2011.


For your convenience we have the registration/enrollment forms on the right.  You can either print one of each form and complete them or you can use the fill-enabled forms, complete the forms, print and hand the forms in when you enroll the student at the school.  Each student must have an Enrollment Form, Emergency/Field Trip Information Form, Home Language Survey, Student Immunization Record, and Student Health Survey Form completed to attend school.  If there are other health forms that need completion, you can find these forms in Pupil Services; Nursing Services and Health Forms.