Next Generation Academy Governing Board

The Next Generation Academy is governed by an independent Board of Directors.  This Board has been granted a Charter from the School District of New London Board of Education. While this Governance Board has independent authority over Next Generation Academy, it is obligated to annually report school progress to the School District of New London Board of Education.

The Governance Board is responsible for setting policy for the school, monitoring curriculum, and overseeing funding.  Board membership is by nomination and appointment.  The Governance Board has five members: Skot Spencer, Alison Garrigan, Heidi Dusek, Henry Mohn and Anne Ferge.

Governance Board Meetings are public meetings and residents of the School District of New London are encouraged to attend.  Questions about the functions or purpose of the Governance Board can be directed to John Michels, Governing Board President.

Governing Board Meetings are scheduled quarterly on the first Monday of the month.  Meetings take place at the School District of New London, District Office; 901 W. Washington Street, New London, WI.  Please call the Next Generation Academy with any questions at (920) 982-8420, Ext. 1034.  

President:  Alison Garrigan

Vice President:  Dave Klinzing

Clerk:  Colleen Berry

Treasurer:  Jeanmaire Simpson

Anne Ferge will serve as Lead Teacher for the Next Generation Academy

Kathy Gwidt, School District of New London
Laurie Schmidt, School District of New London
Deb Kneser, CESA