What is the Next Generation Academy?


Next Generation Academy-New London, Wisconsin

High School Administrator:  Danielle Sievert
Middle School Administrator: Megan Yeska
Lead Advisor: Anne Ferge


Address:  1700 Klatt Road, New London, WI 54961

Phone Number: 920 982-8420 ext 1084

Grade levels: 7-12



The Next Generation Academy is a blended learning academy that offers the best elements of online and face-to-face learning.  Personalization is the key in Next Generation Academy.  Each student is given an advisor who helps them to develop a Personalized Learning Plan that is based upon the belief that students should have input into their learning. How the curriculum is delivered is, therefore, different for each student based upon his/her Personalized Learning Plan.


Core academic subjects are provided both face-to-face and online.  The combination of an online curriculum with instruction in the face-to-face setting provides for one-to-one instruction.  Students are also able to complete projects for credit and work with a learning coach to complete projects that result in tangible real-life products tied to areas which students are interested in. Thus, students at Next Generation Academy are able to experience the technologically enhanced possibilities of an online environment along with the socialization opportunities of the traditional classroom.


The Next Generation Academy also provides students with opportunities to hear presentations given by respected experts in a variety of fields through monthly seminars. Team building exercises are provided, as well, to foster a sense of community in the Next Generation Academy.  Students have a voice in the day-to-day operations of the schools and design their workday so that individual learning goals are met. They are allowed to work in an environment that is designed to emulate the modern day workplace.