School Performance Reports

To Parents, Employees, and other Members of the School District of New London Community:

The Department of Public Instruction annually requires Wisconsin's school districts to prepare a report of student achievement and other indicators of school quality.  This report enables you to see how our students are doing, and in addition, to read about many of the initiatives and programs of our school district.

Please keep in mind the following information as you review the data in these reports:

  • The data in the report is for all students collectively.  It's very important that parents consider the performance of their children in comparison with this collective data.  After all, our goal is to provide the best education for each child.
  • Test score data are often referred to in the education business as current-status indicators.  These indicators are helpful in describing performance for a given student population in a particular year.  However, the indicators do not take into account many influences on school learning, such as family background, prior schooling, socio-economic status, and other prior influences.

Additional information on public schools in Wisconsin can be found on the Department of Public Instruction WebPages at

To view any SPR, please click here and select the school year.

If you have any questions about the information found in this report, please contact the New London  Public School's District Administrator at 920-982-8530.