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Board of Education

The school district is governed by the Board of Education, which is comprised of seven members who are elected for three-year terms.  

Terry Wegner - President
Virginia Schlais - Vice President
Connie Neely - Board Clerk
Kim Schroeder - Board Treasurer

Chris Martinson - Director
John Heideman - Director
Mark Grossman - Director


The School District of New London encourages constructive, orderly contributions from the public at all regular meetings. Citizens wishing to contribute to Board meetings must complete a form available at the meeting and will be given time to share a brief presentation on their topic during "Visitors and Communications (Public Forum)" prior to the meeting. Comments/concerns in reference to a topic on the agenda will be referred to when the discussion by the Board reaches that agenda item. Comments/concerns requiring further investigation will be referred to the best-qualified Board member or staff member for study and response at a later date. The Board of Education may not, under interpretation of statute, respond at the meeting to concerns of the public unless the item is noted on the open meeting portion of the agenda.

It is recognized that it is all but impossible for the Board of Education to adopt formal policies dealing with every possible contingency. In those instances where the Board has provided no formal guides for administrative action, the District Administrator shall have the power to act using his own discretion.